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Why do we almost instinctively treat babies as special, protecting them and enabling them to survive? Darwin originally pointed out that there is something about infants which prompts adults to respond to and care for them which allows our species to survive. Nobel-Prize-winning zoologist Konrad Lorenz proposed that it is the specific structure of the infant face, including a relatively large head and forehead, large and low lying eyes and bulging cheek region, that serves to elicit these parental responses.


I go crazy when I see babies.

I would rush over to one immediately and coo at it, wanting it to smile back. When I watch movies, I only cry when something happens to a kid. Whenever we see a little head poking out of a pram, my friends know that the first thing they’ll hear is an “AWWWW SOOOOO CUTE!!!” from me.

I love everything about kids–the simple way they view life, the most obvious and pure things they say, their innocence and general wonder about life, and..I guess..how adorable they look. Kids can make you laugh because they aren’t trying to be particularly entertaining–they are genuine, and the only times when they try to fake anything are when they are trying to be mature. Which you can see through and also laugh about.

Random baby I found on the net. Just look at him squeezing his eyes shut, scared of the scissors!

My brother’s genius, spontaneous expression when he was around 5?

Kids seem to have such different mindsets that they surprise you all the time. Very pleasantly. Although my friends try to kill my fire by ranting at me about how they are so annoying when they scream, how they always run around everywhere and ask you stupid questions. Maybe it’s because I’m so young at heart, but I don’t really mind. If I was a baby I would love to hear myself talk and get excited and be interested in everything around me.



I love it when kids try to replicate real life situations. It just shows how much they take in from the world and interpret it by their own selves. It’s fascinating to see how accurate they are when they try to portray the world, and just incredibly cute when they make a mistake trying.

Anyway, enough said. I LOVE BABIES. I guess I should marry right after college? Haha…..I’m not really sure about having one of my own though. It’s more like loving any baby, not just any specific one.

My kids will probably hate me because I might go Okonkwo on them. The things that Korean moms would do…even though they vow a decade ago that they would never…


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heavy beats

I can’t dance. Only half of me knows how to have fun with music because I seriously have no idea what to do with my hands.
So I get really excited when I see smooth dancers 🙂

I would definitely have to learn to be like that. The girl in the hat is amazing. I would probably be like the girl in the white sweater crawling on the floor 😛

My FAVORITE dance video!

Dancing is kind of like following the human inclination for order. It’s just fascinating to see movements match with the music. Two different things coming together so well. That’s why I think dance is in every single culture, although it’s not anything necessary like food and law. Or maybe it is life sustaining. Maybe the supplementary aspects to life could be the very motivation and reason to continue on?

Anyway, I’m looking at the dancing clip again. The best thing about good dancers is their thrust. It’s like a burst of emotion here, another there. I think it usually follows the heavy thump in the background of literally every hiphop song. But then again there’s the everyday-action dancing, where people dramatize normal things like putting on a coat and make it seem like a completely new thing. Dancing seems to be a perspective of seeing life–here, the people can express actions in aspects that you miss when you actually do them.

So…are some people naturally good at dancing? Could all the moves be ever brought out innately, without any training or study?

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“Did you know that in China, they eat snakes and monkey brain?!”

This must have been the weirdest thing I heard in 4th grade. In middle school, there was also a buzz about Emma Watson saying that Kwon BoA shouldn’t be Cho Chang because she was from a “dog-eating country.” Of course, that was ridiculous, but that’s how much weird food impacts us.

We don’t want to eat wacky food because of how we see them in nature, in the form when they’re actually alive. Who would want to eat a rabbit, which is always sitting soo cutely in the grass and hopping about? Who would want to eat a freakin ant?!




 awwwwwwwwwwwww~~ ❤












and on the opposite end…

Ugh. Chocolate is magic, but even that can’t make ants good to eat.

It’s like on TV, people eat some mystery dish and go, “Mmm, this stuff is good! What is it??”

And when they hear the answer they spit it out straight away. It’s just the mental picture we have of the thing.

This might show the extent of human flexibility. We may try to be as open and accepting as we want, but we are humans, and we don’t just blindly take in everything we see. We make judgements. We form conclusions. And those conclusions just naturally become integrated into our reasoning.

I wish I could just tell everyone to respect different cultures and give everything a try, but as a human being who has seen the world and formed personal conclusions about its different organisms, I can’t bring myself to eat EVERYTHING. Technically, anything alive and not poisonous is edible.

So I guess I should just try something in a buffet, and after I’m all digested, ask what it is. Then I would be remotely proud, and majorly disgusted, of my accomplishment.

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